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12 Week Spring Shred Challenge - Are You In?

12 Week Spring Shred Challenge - Are You In?



For 12 weeks, you're going to get laser focused on your nutrition, your workouts, your sleep, and overall self-care.

No apologies. No excuses. Unapologetically prioritize YOU.

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When: April 3 - June 24


How to Join: Have an active Fit Body App membership and submit your starting photos (front angle, side angle, and back angle) to by April 9.


Once we receive your starting photos, you are officially a part of the challenge!!


What Program to Follow: Any program(s) in the Fit Body App for 12 consistent weeks!


What Nutrition to Follow: This will look different from person to person. I don't make tracking your macros a requirement out of respect for each individual's relationship with tracking and with food.


With that being said, if you've never tracked before (and you have a healthy relationship with food) I do encourage you to track for a few days to see where your portions are currently at, compared to where they should be, according to your fitness goals.


The app macro calculator and food track will help you identify any gaps in your nutrition so you can make adjustments accordingly. 


One reason why tracking for a few days is important is simply this: it is incredibly easy to underestimate how much we're eating and to underestimate how much protein we need, since your protein needs go up by roughly 30% when you being exercising.


If you need any personalized help with your nutrition, don't forget you get free consultations with the Fit Body App Registered Dietitian. You can email her at


Tap Into the Community: by creating an FBG instagram account (if you haven't already!) to track your journey and connect with other FBG girls who will be there to cheer you on!


Engaging with the community regularly is one of the best ways to stay focused and on track! Not to mention is how so many FBG girls meet some of their closest friends!! The FBG Facebook Group is a great place to get support, too!


P.S. Yes, your FBG insta can be on private! I would love to follow your journey (that way I see your posts and stories!) so comment on my last post that you made your FBG insta so I can follow you!




This is unlike any prize we've ever done before!!
We will fly the winner out to AUSTIN, TEXAS to be a part of filming the next On Demand program!!
In addition, the winner will get:
$2,000 cash prize
1 year membership to the Fit Body App
 2 bags of their choice Vitalura Labs Protein
All the confidence and strength that comes along with setting goals and achieving them, and so much more 🥰💪
P.S. Yes, the Grand Prize is open to all FBG Girls WORLDWIDE!



We'll choose the grand prize winner based on their dedication to the challenge and the community. When you lift others up, you lift yourself up too!
Anna Victoria and Team will be looking for the best transformation among #fbggirls who also support the #fbgcommunity on Instagram and/or in the Facebook Group.
*Note: To qualify for the grand prize, you must be a Fit Body app member and submit your starting photos by April 9, 2023 and ending photos by July 1, 2023 for a chance to win. The winner will be chosen July 9, 2023. The On Demand shoot in Austin, Texas will take place in 2024.



  • Find a full-length mirror that will fit your body from head to toe.


  • Take the picture in natural sunlight with no shadows and a solid background.


  • Wear shorts/underwear/bikini bottoms and a sports bra or bikini top and wear the same outfit in both your starting and ending photos.


  • Take one set of photos relaxed and one set flexing – but maintain good posture in both.


  • Take photos from the front, side, and back each time.


  • Take beginning photos by April 9 and an ending photos by June 24.


FBG Community Meetup




This is a lifestyle. It's not a diet. We aren't restricting ourselves. We are fueling our bodies, we are challenging our bodies, and we are appreciating our bodies for all the amazing things it can do.

This isn't about being perfect. Some weeks will be better than others, and that's a fact of life. Don't let a bad day turn into a bad week. Or don't let a bad week turn into a bad month. Focus on the little things you can do to stay focused - it all adds up!

Two main principles that have helped thousands of FBG girls over the years are:




80% of the time, stay focused and get tough with yourself. Whether that's with your nutrition or your workouts, or both! You gotta give yourself some tough love sometimes - you're not always going to "feel" like it!

The other 20%, give yourself some grace. Enjoy that night out with friends, or that birthday party pizza and cake. One indulgent meal won't make you gain weight just like one nutritious meal won't make you lose weight! It's about your overall consistency and habits that will make the difference.


Robot Mode:


My OG Girls know this!! Robot Mode means: as soon as you think about doing it, get up and GO. The longer you think about it, the more opportunity you give yourself to make excuses and think of how you will do it later.

But "later" rarely ends up happening. Don't give yourself the chance to procrastinate, just channel Robot Mode, get up, and get it done.

This is most commonly applied to getting your workouts in, but it could also apply to making that home cooked meal instead of ordering UberEats! Use Robot Mode in whichever way it will help you in that moment.


Now get ready to put in work and if you ever feel yourself struggling, that's when I want you to tap into the FBG instagram or Facebook community. Let us help you! We aren't meant to be in this alone, we're in this together!




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