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I love this protein!!

By far the best protein out there. Amazing taste, clean and not overpriced! So glad to have found Vitalura Labs! Thank you!!

Excellent protein powder!

I previously ordered the plant based powder & wanted to try the grass fed whey. It did not disappoint! I love the taste & the fact that it has good wholesome ingredients. Finally a good protein powder I can feel good about using!

Best plant base protein EVER!!!

I used to avoid plant-based proteins because of their gritty texture and bad taste. But Vitalura Labs Plant-Based Protein is amazing!! I've tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavors, and they both taste great. You can barely tell that they're not whey protein. Thank you, Vitalura Labs, for making a plant-based protein that actually tastes good!

Plant Based Protein
Nichole Mackey
Plant based protein

Best tasting plant based protein I've tried so far. a little grainy but that is typical of plant based powders. taste was good... didn't taste like peas which is a plus.


I ordered the vanilla gelato because the chocolate is out of stock. Love it. Very impressed with the quality of the products from Vitalura! Highly recommended

The best protein!

Vanilla gelato flavor is amazing! And the shipping was so fast!

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate - Vanilla - SO good!!

I've always been a chocolate person when it comes to protein shakes. When I try vanilla flavors, I get a weird aftertaste. However, I decided to give it a chance with Vitalura labs. I was pleasantly surprised! I didn't have that weird aftertaste! It's so smooth, delicious, and its so versatile - I'm excited to try it in smoothies, oatmeal, or even in baked goods!

Stainless steel > plastic

Stainless steel shaker is awesome! No plastic taste like blender bottles have…. And the mixer lid insert blends up the protein powder perfectly when there’s no time to use an electric blender. I bought a second one with my last order.

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

5 Star!!

Taste delicious and blends so well with other supplements!!! I love it!

Love it

So sleek and blends protein beautifully.
Getting the black one next

Loved it. Will be ordering more!

Plant Based Protein
Denisse Soltero

Plant Based Protein


Absolutely love the shaker! Keeps my protein cold, because let’s admit it, no one likes lukewarm protein.

Great Experience - Great Product

Monohydrate came in two days! Amazing shipping experience. Product is tasteless and stores easily in a resealable bag. All good!

Plant Based Protein
Erin Knoche

Plant Based Protein

Plant Based Protein
Michelle Morgan
Best Tasting Protein

I've tried several plant based protein powders and this one is by far the most delicious and yet still packed with tons of protein and low in sugar.

Plant Based Protein
Jordan Plise
Best protein ever

This is officially the only protein I will buy. It’s the only one I’ve found that doesn’t make my stomach upset and doesn’t make me bloated. The best part is the flavor. I literally crave the protein shakes now. I’ve tried a lot of plant based protein and would often have to chug it because of how gross they tasted but not this one! Love love love.

Best protein powder I've ever tried

Incredible, chef's kiss. Incredibly fast shipping, too. I ordered it on a Monday and received it that Wednesday. Great flavor, super creamy , not chalky. It's absolutely perfect.

Excellent prodct

Dissolves easily with no taste. Excellent high quality creatine. I saw and felt a difference within 3-4 weeks.

Plant Based Protein
Lauren Gius

Can't get enough of this protein. I have been following Anna for years now and just felt like I needed to try this protein. It's incredible. No matter what way you use it, it is delicious and blends well. It doesn't have the chalky taste normal protein typically has. Overall would continue buying and is worth every penny.

Plant Based Protein
Tommy Denos
First Time User

Wonderful taste, 3rd party certified, and super low in sodium. Just the product I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Adam Bornstein, for mentioning this company in your book! 💪

Plant Based Protein
Cristina Flournoy

Best I’ve tasted!

Best Whey Protein!

This is the best protein I’ve ever tried! My husband even loves it and we both agree it doesn’t have that weird protein after taste. So delicious and I love that it is their party tested as well, so important to know what you are eating! Definitely worth the money!

Best Plant Protein Powder Available

The BEST available. Vanilla Gelato is perfect for smoothies with greens and berries, Chocolate Gelato tastes like dessert. Neither flavor is chalky, no obnoxious stevia aftertaste.

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