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Just what I need

The taste is phenomenal unlike other shakes that I've tried. Afterwards, my body feels like it has gotten the clean protein that I need, and I'm ready to continue on throughout my day.

Worth it

I want to start by saying that I absolutely hate protein powders. I have tried a ridiculous amount of different powders trying to find one that I like, so I was very hesitant to spend more money trying this one. However, I decided to give it a try, and I'm so glad I did! Not only did I truly love the chocolate gelato flavor, but it also didn't bloat me or make my stomach hurt. Honestly, I didn't like the vanilla flavor but I'm not a vanilla person. My husband is and loves it so no loss here. He asks me to make a shake for him everyday when I make mine. Worth every penny.

Also- it's so helpful with a toddler at home because I can have it on the go and it keeps me feeling full for a long time! Highly recommend.

Great taste

Love the taste and texture of this protein! Really tastes like chocolate gelato!

Delicious protein

This is the best protein I have ever had and believe me I have tried multiple kinds. It does not hurt my stomach or leave me bloated at all. Definitely will keep ordering!

Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

Best tasting protein powder I’ve ever had

Jarod LeFan
Effects Great, Taste - Eh

I wasn't sure what to expect from a feeling perspective with 150mg of caffeine. I've had other preworkouts with 250-300, but honestly this has felt way more potent than those. My only knock is the taste (Strawberry Sorbetto) is pretty rough. Definitely bitter and left a funky aftertaste in my mouth.

Best tasting protein on the market

Extremely high quality, delicious, AND comes in environment friendly smaller pouches instead of giant plastic bins which also makes it easier to pack in your suitcase when you travel!

Plant Based Protein
Katharine Martin
Delicious and quality protein!

I have tried a dozen+ protein powders over the years, and the Vitalura plant based vanilla has best texture and flavor by far!!! I enjoy this in overnight oats, smoothies, or simply shaken with water or milk. The flavor is delicious and I know the ingredients are clean thanks to the NSF certification. Definitely worth the price! Well done!

Easy on the Gut

Delicious taste and no digestive issues. After trying many different protein powders, this is the one I will stay with. Easy to mix, shake, or blend.

The best!!

I have tried all of Vitalura Labs protein powders and I can officially say the chocolate plant based protein is my favorite! I started out ordering the whey proteins, but when they were out of stock I made the switch to plant based. The vanilla plant based protein was okay, but the chocolate plant based protein is amazing! The taste and texture are perfection. I use it to either make a shake or in the ninja creami. I found that whey protein in the ninja creami doesn't work as well as the plant based in terms of consistency. Vitalura Labs protein powders are the best of any I have tried and do not cause bloating or GI upset. I also feel much better knowing they are third party tested 🙌 Thank you!!

Plant Based Protein
Courtney W.
Smooth & not overly sweet!

This is hands down the best plant-based protein I have tried! It's not gritty at all and taste fantastic - like vanilla without being overpowering, artificial or overly sweet. No GI issues after drinking either! Next up, chocolate!

Chocolate Protein

I really liked the flavor of the chocolate whey, it feels very smooth and yummy. The only thing is that it does have a bit of an aftertaste so I make sure to pair it with a fruit at the end.

Worth the wait!

I had been wanting to try the vanilla gelato whey protein which was out of stock for sometime. I just received it and it was worth the wait. The protein dissolves quickly and isnt gritty at all. Great taste!

Plant Based Protein
Hayley Marchesani

Plant Based Protein

So good !!

Literally love both flavors !! Such a treat to look forward to after I finish a workout ! Doesn’t even taste like a protein shake !

Tastes Like Cake Batter (And I love it!)

I am new to the high protein thing, but I mix a scoop into my overnight oats and it tastes like cake batter! Scoops are pretty big but I am happy so far!

Powder + milk = tastes like dessert!

I combine the powder with 6 oz of ice cold milk and it truly tastes like dessert. It's the tastiest whey protein I've tried and it's comforting to know it really has the amount of protein it says it has.

Amazing protein!!!

This protein tastes amazing and it’s soooo good after a workout! I seriously look forward to this every morning! I can see changes in my body that I hadn’t seen in years! Love it!

Tastes delicious!

I mix it with yogurt and sprinkle a couple dark chocolate chips in as well. It taste like a dessert, curbs my sugar cravings, and helps with the extra protein intake. Totally worth the cost.

It's amazing! It's part of my daily routine


Genuinely shook by how amazing!! Trading in my current protein and never looking back!!! Thank you guys for taking the time to make something so damn good!!!!

Love it!

Loving this protein powder! 10/10 product.

Best preworkout EVER!!!

I've been using another brand for years, and they are discontinuing. I found Vitalura and LOVE IT! Not only is it tasty, but it's more bang for my buck, effective, and doesn't give me the caffeine jitters. I mix 1 scoop into a large glass of water before my workout, and by the time I'm done with my warmup, I'm ready to conquer my workout for the day.

Product Received

A little slow in the shipping process, but that could have been weather related.
Once received I made a chocolate/banana/almond milk shake with the plant protein powder and I could easily make this a daily breakfast drink, it tasted really good and I'm hoping the plant based protein does not cause any bloating as much as the whey based did over the years.
Its a great product well worth the wait and after you have tried it you may even consider a subscription as I am currently contemplating.

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