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All the Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

All the Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

It’s a fact — exercise is good for you. The health benefits of moving your body are well documented. It can improve your mood, strengthen your muscles, reduce the chance of disease, and so much more. Still, even with all those benefits, actually getting started isn’t always that simple.

Enter: a workout partner. Finding a workout buddy could be just the thing to reinvigorate your workouts and help you see progress.

But you might be wondering, “How do I go about finding a workout partner?” and what all is involved. Here’s the 411!

What is a Workout Partner?

A workout partner is simply someone who keeps you accountable  and motivated to work toward your goal. They might exercise alongside you or cheer you on from the sidelines. And it can be anyone, from your best friend to an #fbggirl you met on Instagram.

How do I Find a Workout Partner?

First, you need to determine whether you’d prefer an online accountability partner  or someone you can physically meet up with.

If you’re open to a virtual workout buddy, look no further than the amazing FBG community! And hey, you never know—you may find someone who lives nearby!

Tap into the community via Instagram or Facebook to find other girls in the community in need of an accountability workout partner. Just make sure you have a dedicated FBG Instagram account so other #fbggirls know you’re a part of the community. On Facebook, you can always put out a request for an accountability partner through the Fit Body Community Facebook group! 

You can also tap into your personal community by asking friends, family, and coworkers. Even if your direct connections aren’t interested, it’s possible they may know someone who wants a workout partner. 


Benefits of Having a Workout Partner


1. They’ll keep you accountable!

Isn’t it funny how it can be so hard to commit to something, yet it becomes much easier when we know someone depends on us? It’s true — research shows that having a accountability partner increases your ability to stick with your workouts.

Working out with someone, and committing to a partner schedule, gives you a 65% chance of completing your goal. It climbs to a 95% chance of crushing your goal if you also regularly check in with your workout buddy too.

2. You can help spot each other.

With the power of Facetime or Zoom, this is possible even with a virtual workout buddy! They can help give you quick form checks and suggest adjustments if you’re performing a move incorrectly. It can be easy to slack a little (those planks are hard!) and a workout partner will force you to stay in form throughout.

A real life workout buddy is especially helpful if you’re using heavy weights. And safer, too. If you’re struggling to eke out that last heavy bicep curl, they can swoop in and assist you.

3. You’ll push each other to try new things (and have fun!)

Having a workout buddy might encourage you to try new things. Perhaps you’re an absolute Tone stan but your workout buddy swears by Endurance. Their encouragement could be all it takes for you to try it out, whereas without a workout buddy, you may have never considered it. It may even help you break out of a fitness plateau so you can continue to make progress.

And most likely, you’ll have a ton of fun trying out a new workout program that will challenge your body in different ways!

4. You may push yourself more.

A workout partner could help you get one just one more rep and workout harder than if you were by yourself. The effects are nothing to sniff at either. A workout partner can increase your workout duration and intensity by up to 200%! 

Research shows this is especially true if you find a workout partner who is more fit than you. Sometimes, all we need is that extra little push, and some friendly encouragement to help us give it our all and see real progress in our workouts.

If you’ve been on the fence about a workout partner, we hope this inspires you to go for it!

Pro Tip

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