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Anna Victoria: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

Anna Victoria: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

Anna Victoria seems like the epitome of fitness and nutrition dedication. But she wasn’t always this way — the driving force behind why she got into fitness came down to health problems based on diet. After seeing loved ones develop chronic health issues, she made the decision to change.

So how does Anna eat in a way that best serves her goals? The 80/20 way.

“I’ve never been one who wanted to go from one extreme to the other,” she says. The 80/20 way helps Anna eat in a manner she finds sustainable and with an emphasis on whole natural foods. With the right macros, she can hit her goals, yet still enjoy indulgences without going overboard.

Let’s get into what a day of eating looks like for Anna.


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“I always have three eggs with oatmeal. I eat that every morning! It’s simple and I like it,” she says. She’ll cook her oatmeal with coconut milk, cinnamon, and a little bit of honey. If she’s focused on tracking, she’s just mindful of portion size. On training days, she'll add pre-workout to her morning routine right before her workout for an energy boost. But on rest days, she'll have an espresso with breakfast.

This breakfast helps start her day on a good note and she loves that it’s a good balance of carbs, protein and fat. She recounted how there’d be one-off days where she’d opt for cereal instead — but because it always made her feel so crummy, it never enticed her enough to want to choose cereal for breakfast on the reg.

Breakfast: Three eggs, oatmeal made with coconut milk, cinnamon, honey, and an espresso (on non-workout days).

Anna is a self-proclaimed creature of habit and usually has grilled chicken for lunch because it’s so easy to prepare and is a versatile lean protein option. Often, she’ll incorporate the chicken into tacos using tortillas and add in beans, pico de gallo, cheese, lime and some salt.

To keep things simple, she buys pre-seasoned chicken. Anna and Luca will often share the same staples (such as the pre-seasoned chicken), that way they can both adjust their meals the way they like them.

Lunch: Grilled chicken tacos, beans, pico de gallo, cheese, lime, and salt.

healthy eating tips

Dinner is similar to lunch. But the key difference here is the protein on the plate — Anna makes it a priority to have a different protein source. For example, if she had chicken for lunch, she’ll opt for beef at dinner.

“Sometimes I even try and just have one animal protein (that day), and have everything else vegetarian, because I try and stay balanced — with plant protein, legumes, etc.”

An example of a vegetarian dinner for Anna may be rice, refried pinto beans, cheese and broccoli.

Dinner: Rice, refried pinto beans, cheese and broccoli.

Post workout, Anna likes to have a protein shake. She finds them convenient (convenience is key for this mama!) and it helps hit her daily goal of protein.

As a snack, she opts for Greek yogurt. The Fage 5% Greek yogurt cups with the strawberry puree are her favorite!

Snack: Protein shake and Fage 5% Greek yogurt cups with strawberry puree.

For some people, dessert is a daily indulgence. For Anna, it all depends on how she feels, and it’s rare that she’ll indulge in dessert after dinner.

“I do feel satisfied at the end of the day and I’m usually ok waiting for my one indulgent meal at the end of the week,” she says.

That being said, she mentioned that she isn’t super strict about it. If she’s craving a Twix or a Milk Dud, she’ll go for it! #nofoodguilt

Favorite Indulgence
"The first thing that popped into my head is Taco Bell! Cheesy gordita crunch, with nachos, and cinnamon twists. That’s what I used to order all the time,” she laughs.

As mentioned, Anna is careful not to demonize any foods, and she shares that super palatable, fast foods are what she grew up eating. So that’s what she craves! But she knows to keep it to a minimum in order to feel her best day in and day out.

healthy eating tips

Least Favorite Food
This may come as a surprise to you but Anna is not a fan of fish.

“Anything that lives in the water, I am not a fan of, I will not eat. Except salmon!” she smiles. “It is so good for you, so I will eat salmon two times a week for the sake of my health.”

If you’re thinking of inviting Anna to dinner, it’ll be a hard pass on seafood. When asked about how Luca feels about her distaste for seafood, she breaks into a grin.

“In Rome, (Luca) says I am missing out on some of the best restaurants in Rome because they are seafood restaurants. And that I will never get to experience them. And I’m like, that’s fine!”

Our Registered Dietitian Analysis
We asked Fit Body’s Registered Dietitian, Kylie Morse, to break down Anna’s diet from a nutritional standpoint and here’s what she has to say about Anna’s go-to meals:

“Anna always preaches living an 80/20 lifestyle when it comes to nutrition, and she really does exemplify that! Her meals are filling, balanced and don't exclude any major food groups or macronutrients. As you can see by her typical day of eating, she incorporates a protein, healthy fat, and carbohydrate at every single meal. She does a great job of utilizing foods that fuel her body by incorporating complex carbs with each meal—something many people unnecessarily tend to shy away from!” she says.

Morse explains that “aside from choosing quality foods, Anna also incorporates delicious toppings to give her meal that ‘yum’ factor, such as honey on her oats and cheese in her lunch and dinner. While this is just one example of Anna's FDOE (full day of eating), in the future she may opt to incorporate two to three more servings of fruits and veggies to provide even more fiber and micronutrients each day.”

“Keep in mind, there really isn't such a thing as a ‘perfect’ day of eating, and nutrition is not one size fits all! Be sure to use these FDOE examples from your favorite Fit Body trainers as a source of inspiration and meal ideas, not as a suggested way of eating for all,” says Morse.



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