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Fit Body App Workout Schedules

Fit Body App Workout Schedules

Looking for the best way to fit the Fit Body App workouts into your schedule? Let us show you how!  

One of the best things about our workouts is they’re broken out into sessions so you can choose which days you complete each session on. You even can combine sessions in order to get more rest days!  

We all know week to week, our schedule might change and one of the biggest determining factors of making this a lifestyle is the ability to be flexible. Some weeks you might be able to get in a perfect week of workouts, and other weeks you may get in half of what you usually do… but guess what, those weeks are still a success because doing something is always better than nothing!

Most of our Fit Body App programs are a combination of strength, core and cardio sessions. So, if you're following Tone or Shred, here's an example of a weekly schedule:

Day 1: Legs + Glutes
Day 2: Cardio + Core
Day 3: Back + Arms
Day 4: Cardio + Core
Day 5: Full Body
Day 6: Cardio (core optional)
Day 7: Rest Day

Since we recognize that no two routines are the same, we've mapped out multiple combinations for our programs that will allow you to complete the workouts whether you've got three, four, five or six days to devote to your fitness journey each week. 

For example, if you need more rest days, you can combine your strength and cardio or strength and core workouts into one back-to-back session. However, we don’t recommend doubling up strength workouts to give your body a chance to rest and recover.

For all our programs, the goal is to complete all sessions by the end of the week no matter which day you complete them on. However, in order to move on to the next week, we recommend you complete all the strength sessions since those are the sessions that are going to help improve your strength and endurance the most.

Ultimately, the best schedule is one that fits your lifestyle and that you can sustain for the long run.

Fit Body App Workout Schedules

And remember, doing something is always better than doing nothing. There's no such thing as a bad workout. 💪🏻




Fit Body App Workout Schedules Fit Body App Workout Schedules
Fit Body App Workout Schedules Fit Body App Workout Schedules 




Shred Workout Schedule 1 Shred Workout Schedule 2
Shred Workout Schedule 3 Shred Workout Schedule 4




Sculpt Program Schedule 1 Sculpt Program Schedule 2




 Grow + Glow Program Schedule 1 Grow + Glow Program Schedule 2
Grow + Glow Program Schedule 3




 Revive Program Schedule 1 Revive Program Schedule 2




 Lift Program Schedule 1 Lift Program Schedule 1




 Endurance Program Schedule 1 Endurance Program Schedule 2
Endurance Program Schedule 3 Endurance Program Schedule 4




 Strong Program Schedule 1 Strong Program Schedule 2





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