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Nicci Robinson: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

Nicci Robinson: Here’s What I Eat in a Day

A cardio kickboxing class back in 2014 was the spark for Nicci Robinson, the trainer behind Fit Body’s Strong and Endurance programs. Watching other fit, badass women inspired her weight training journey and the desire to help others achieve their strongest bodies.

Now, Nicci is fully committed to the way her workouts make her feel, and the dedication and motivation that come with them. As a recent convert to a plant-based way of eating, let’s dig into a typical day of food for Nicci.


Healthy Eating Tips

Nicci enjoys a veggie scramble for breakfast with tofu or chickpeas for extra protein. She will sauté lots of veggies with pink Himalayan Sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper, and wrap it up in a whole wheat tortilla to make a breakfast burrito. “It’s filling, tasty, and I’m surprised I haven’t craved meat. I love it!” she says.

If she’s in the mood for a sweet breakfast, an oatmeal bowl is her go to, and she’ll add in some raisins and stevia.

Typically, breakfast will be paired with a small 8-ounce cup of coffee with almond milk and no added sugars. She laughs and says that eventually she’ll wean herself off of coffee!

Breakfast: Scrambled vegetables, tofu or chickpeas, wrapped in a wholewheat tortilla or oatmeal with raisins and stevia.

Healthy Eating Tips

For lunch, Nicci enjoys a big colorful salad she’s coined as “eating life.” That means she enjoys eating fresh, vibrant food grown from the earth, which she says helps fuel her to be in peak shape.

You can expect red, yellow and orange bell pepper, red onion, microgreens, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, matchstick carrots, and the occasional sauteed mushrooms in her salads.

Hendrickson’s sweet vinegar and olive oil dressing with a tablespoon of flax oil is her go-to salad dressing of choice. “Ninety percent of my salads, I try to keep it all vegetables,” she smiles.

With the colder weather, she mentioned lunch may switch, and that she’s recently been opting for a veggie wrap and a cup of black bean soup or butternut squash soup from Whole Foods.

Lunch: Salad with bell peppers, red onion, microgreens, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, carrots, mushrooms and a sweet vinegar and olive oil dressing with flax oil, or a vegetable wrap with a cup of black bean or butternut squash soup.

Healthy Eating Tips

“Dinner always varies because it’s always what I am in the mood for!” she says. “My dinner is never ever the same!”

One dinner may be a slow cooker curry stew made with coconut milk, vegetable stock, curry powder, chopped vegetables and plenty of seasoning. It’ll go over brown rice and is a quick, easy recipe for her.

Otherwise, dinner may be a pasta dish with lots of vegetables with homemade sauce made with tamari, tahini and lots of fresh herbs, or tahini with basil or dill

“I like hearty warm dinners and all my cold meals, like the salads and the wraps, I save for lunch.” Nicci says.

Dinner: Slow cooker vegetable curry stew with brown rice, or pasta with vegetables and homemade sauce.

“Since I’ve been plant based, I’ve noticed I don’t snack as often. I think it’s because what I am eating is nutrient dense and I feel fuller for longer,” Nicci comments.

“When I do [drink a protein shake] I typically mix it with water. I prefer my protein shakes without any extra additives. Just pure protein."

Snack: Protein shakes.

Dessert isn’t one of Nicci’s staples as she isn’t the biggest fan of sweets. But on the rare occasion she will have dessert, she’ll choose a brownie or cookie.

Healthy Eating Tips

Favorite Indulgence
The answer is pizza. Vegan pizza!

“There’s a pizza place out here called Blaze Pizza. I don’t care what the calorie counts are, it’s so good!” Nicci smiles.

She’ll order a cauliflower crust pizza with vegan cheese, vegan chorizo, tons of veggies and will devour it!

“I try to limit it. Maybe every other week, treat yourself, but it’s definitely a staple in what I treat myself with,” she says.

Least Favorite Food
“I’ve never been a fan of bananas. Never have, never will be,” she laughs. Whenever there’s a recipe that calls for a banana, she’ll always look for a substitution, even though she fully acknowledges their health benefits.

“It’s the taste,” she confirms. “I remember when I was a kid, when I was 5 years old, trying a banana, I thought it was the most disgusting thing ever. I thought as I’d get older it’d change, but it hasn’t.”

Our Registered Dietitian Analysis
After consulting with Fit Body Registered Dietitian, Kylie Morse, here is her analysis on Nicci’s plant-based diet:

"Nicci has recently transitioned over to a plant-based diet and has done such a great job doing so! She is still prioritizing protein at every meal, and making sure to fuel her muscles after each workout with a plant-based protein shake (as seen on her Instagram).” she says.

“She is getting an adequate fiber intake daily, which is not always an easy thing to do! This is likely the reason why she is finding herself staying fuller between meals and reducing the incidence of mindless snacking. Her meals are colorful and micronutrient-packed, something we should all aim for regardless of the style of eating we choose to follow.

Moving forward, it will be important for Nicci to focus on adding in a daily Vitamin B12 supplement, as she is unable to get adequate amounts of this nutrient from a vegan diet alone. Additionally, making sure she is getting enough protein daily is key for muscle growth and development, as well as recovery. Some great vegan protein sources are tofu, tempeh, beans, and plant-based protein shakes!"


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