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Plant Based Protein

Nutritional Info
25 g
0 g
4.5 g

Why Choose Vitalura Labs

  • There are 25 grams of protein in every serving and 30 servings per package. That’s more strength in every scoop.

  • No artificial flavors. We chose natural vanilla and chocolate flavors to maintain the quality of the product while providing a decadent, Italian-inspired flavor experience.

  • No extra calories from sugar. We use Stevia Leaf extract and Monk Fruit extract to provide a delicious, natural and calorie-free source of sweetness.

  • Our formulations are developed by a professional team of experts, including a nutrition advisor to professional athletes and a Registered Dietitian.

  • NSF Contents Certified. Vitalura Labs is third-party tested to meet strict standards for public health protection so you know that what’s on the label is in our product. Guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Sarah JK
excellent in every way!

I hate protein powders but love the vanilla flavor! I use it in all my smoothies to help meet my protein goals

Amanda Floersheim
Love it

Have been having the vanilla plant based protein powder almost daily in my smoothies for over a year, including all through my twin pregnancy. Love it!! Perfect taste and consistency

Darlene McHale
My go to protein

by far the best protein I have had!! I love everything about it and the Taste is amazing!

Katharine Martin
Delicious and quality protein!

I have tried a dozen+ protein powders over the years, and the Vitalura plant based vanilla has best texture and flavor by far!!! I enjoy this in overnight oats, smoothies, or simply shaken with water or milk. The flavor is delicious and I know the ingredients are clean thanks to the NSF certification. Definitely worth the price! Well done!

The best!!

I have tried all of Vitalura Labs protein powders and I can officially say the chocolate plant based protein is my favorite! I started out ordering the whey proteins, but when they were out of stock I made the switch to plant based. The vanilla plant based protein was okay, but the chocolate plant based protein is amazing! The taste and texture are perfection. I use it to either make a shake or in the ninja creami. I found that whey protein in the ninja creami doesn't work as well as the plant based in terms of consistency. Vitalura Labs protein powders are the best of any I have tried and do not cause bloating or GI upset. I also feel much better knowing they are third party tested 🙌 Thank you!!

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