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Anna Victoria: Why I Launched Vitalura Labs Protein Supplements

Anna Victoria with Vitalura Labs protein supplement in shaker at the gym

I’m a trainer, businesswoman, and I chase a little one every day. So, if I don’t properly fuel my body, I feel run down and sluggish. Not to mention, I won’t recover from my workouts as efficiently.

So, I started looking for something that could help not only get through each day, but would also help maximize recovery from my workouts. But finding something I could trust and feel confident about putting in my body was a challenge.

I had an unfortunate experience of finding a protein supplement I loved, but it almost tasted TOO good… So, I got it tested and was shocked to find their claims of 20g of protein per scoop to be a complete lie. Each scoop only contained 3g protein!

I already had a general concern that supplement products don’t contain the ingredients and nutrition information that the labels say they contain, and this experience only solidified that concern.


How Vitalura Labs Was Created

I knew that if I wanted to find the best supplement line on the market, I would have to make it myself. And from the need for a quality product I could trust, Vitalura Labs was born. 

With the help of an amazing team of nutrition experts, including registered dietitian Kylie Morse, RD, we created our dream formulation. 

Vitalura Labs consists of the purest, most essential ingredients that are scientifically formulated to enhance performance, recovery, and overall results.

Plus, we put our products through NSF's Content Certified certification program to test and certify so my community can have confidence knowing what is on the label is actually in the product.

Anna Victoria founder Vitalura Labs protein supplement


As I was thinking about flavors and packaging, I was also inspired by my time in Italy. I got to see firsthand how simple their way of eating is, but so balanced and nutritious at the same time! Nothing is taken to extremes; they eat pasta, a plethora of fruits and vegetables, lean protein from both animal and plant-based sources, AND enjoy gelato and wine, too!

I loved the simplicity and focus on balance, nourishment, but still enjoying the yummiest things life has to offer! Which is why I wanted to keep our supplement line as pure and simple as possible, while enjoying delicious, natural flavors.


I take what I put in my body seriously, as many in my community do. We all deserve to have confidence in the products we buy, and how we fuel our bodies. Vitalura Labs isn't just a pretty label. Our products have a taste you'll love, premium ingredients and proven nutrition, with the NSF Contents Tested and Certified mark to back us up. I'm proud to say that you can trust that what’s on the label is in our product. 



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